In choosing Board Members, it has been a common practice to include family members, friends or those who act or think similar to current members and/or stakeholders. Few companies select Board Members in a professional way: this is, before considering a new member, they assess its current structure vis a vis their future needs. Different company stages require a different talent mix. A board structure for business start-up will not necessarily be the same for a company in the midst of a merger or having international expansion underway.

An adequate board balance is one that allows combining different disciplines, experiences and know how to add value and help drive management in the right direction. Thus, a high concentration of Board Members with similar profiles could limit access to contributions from other specialized areas.

In ND – Executive Search, we start with an assessment of the current Board, a recommendation of a new Board structure, when applicable, and finally help with the search for the most appropriate executive according to the clients’ specific needs. Our ample experience network, including our Board of Advisors, play a key role.