“The fastest way to create value for an organization is by hiring the right people, including their top executives.”

This is why, in most cases, the best way is to contact an executive search firm with experience, sound processes and a professional team. This said, the first critical step is choosing the most appropriate firm for your organization.

At this point, we must distinguish between executive search firms from other recruitment agencies, typically outsourcing firms specialized in middle management and entry level personnel. Their search processes differ substantially: In the first case, the Consultants leading the search are usually seasoned executives with both senior management and executive search experience. Following a well designed search strategy (which includes a detailed analysis of company culture, management styles and industry analysis), they look for the best talent available in the market. On the second case, firms conduct test methodologies which are common for middle management and entry level employees.


1. Evaluate the firm’s partners and search professionals. More specifically, review the business acumen and previous search experience of the Partner who will be in charge and will actually run the execution. Ask for their resume. This is much more relevant than the age of the firm.

2. Compare procedures and differentiating advantages among executive search firms:
a. How do they assess the best cultural fit between candidates and your company?
b. How do they help you choose the most suitable candidate from the short list?
c. Do they have a follow through service to ensure candidate´s adaptation and smooth integration?

3. Make sure that the chosen firm:
a. Specializes on executive search for top talent.
b. Focuses in management positions.
c. Has a Senior Partner leading and executing each search.
d. Take only as many searches as they can manage directly by a Senior Partner himself.

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